Let these comedy specials by Indian artists keep you entertained through this quarantine!

Its a been a well-known fact for ages now that “Laughter is the best medicine”. And which one of us does not enjoy a hearty good laugh with some relatable jokes, right? With the pandemic doing rounds and the news making it heavier than it already is, we appreciate the meme-makers that keep us entertained throughout. And if you’re looking for some more laughs then don’t worry, we are back as usual. This time with the most popular content in the field of stand up comedy by some of the best comics in the industry. These comedy specials by Indian performers to keep you entertained for sure.

Take a look:

Zakir Khan’s “Haq Se Single”

Zakir is a cult classic when it comes to this field. Simple language, subtle jokes, situational jokes are what make Zakir Khan the best person in the room. Also, the sakht launda of the industry is here to make you cry tears of laughter till your stomach hurts. The “hmm, acha, thikhe….” became truly known after his single. So if you’re looking for a good comedy special to binge watch, this is where your search ends.

Kanan Gill’s “Keep it Real”

This absolutely hilarious special has some incisive observations and some of the best lines from the Indian standup scene! He talks about relationships, his driving incompetence, his parents, bovines and a metal documentary. Known for his observational comedy in this one it’s surely a treat to watch. 

Kenneth Sebastian’s (aka Kenny) “Don’t be that guy”

Kenny Sebastian is the “paavam” guy in the industry, meaning someone who is naive, innocent or “bechara” in Hindi. He has that chocolate boy face that makes him wanted by his audience (mostly girls). And this stand up special covers a range of topics including his parents, meeting someone new, moving to different cities and adjusting and also, why are musicians sad. Also, if you needed one more reason to watch the special it’s that he also gets musical in this one and his other shows as well. 

Aditi Mittal’s “Things they won’t let me say”

Aditi has been one of the first few women to gracefully have bent the myth about “women can’t be funny”. She got into the comedy scene when it had just begun and now has a spot on Netflix’s comedy specials. The stand up “Things they won’t let me say” has her speak on topics that are considered taboo- like sex, sexuality, gender norms.

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 Biswa Kalyanrath’s “Biswa Mast Aadmi” 

The special is performed by the famous stand-up comic Biswa Kalyan Rath. Biswa is known for his amazing manner of storytelling and a really funny accent. Based on the YouTube views, the comic is one of India’s leading stand-up artists. His Amazon Prime special is called Biswa Mast Aadmi and narrates stories from his childhood. It may be from a couple of years back but you can still binge-watch it for a healthy laugh. 

Rahul Subramanian’s “Kal main udega”

Rahul Subramanian is a man of many opinions. He tells us why he thinks the HR department in a corporate organisation is the only department with “balls”, why SpiceJet air-hostesses are the worst. He also talks about the time he bought his first car and his struggles with driving, and with the consent of the audience, also indulges them in some dark humour.

Vir Das’ “Abroad understanding”

His first Netflix special has him facing two sets of wildly different crowds, one set in New Delhi, and one in New York. For an audience that diverse, he needs to tailor his content so that it would appeal to both Indian and foreign audience. So the comedy special sees him tackle topics from gun control to Indian politics. He cleverly ties the two ends together with clever writing and hilarious analogies that make this stand-up special really, well, special. Also, his latest stand up “For India” is a treat for eyes for all of us Indians out there.

Aziz Ansari’s “Right now”

His first Netflix special following allegations of sexual harassment is an exercise in the topical comedic commentary. That time away has been for Ansari, or at least his comedy, as he shares hilariously deep thoughts on being woke, the importance of family, and yes, even that #MeToo controversy. It’s a rare look at a talent willing to peel back the layers of fame and self-preservation to dig at something more extensive, global and therefore, significant.

Which of these comedy specials do you like the most?