Commando 3 review: While action hits the bulls eye, story misses the punch

Smrithi Mohan
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Commando 3

Patriotism, punches and guns, Commando 3 takes you through an action-adventure while leaving the story behind. Check out the complete review.

Commando 3 is all we would have expected from the trailer, but unfortunately, it is only that and nothing beyond. Vidyut Jamwaal who made his debut with the franchise reenacts the brave soldier, Karanvir Dogra, ready to give his life for the country. He goes on a mission along with Adah Sharma, who plays Bhavana Reddy, to stop a terrorist from causing a major attack on the country. They are joined by their British counterpart Mallika Sood (Angira Dhar) on this crusade.

While Vidyut has our attention with his parkour and beefed up body performing some major stunts, Gulshan Devaiah delivers his best acting skills giving us chills every time we see him. He plays Buraq Ansari, the antagonist who is presented as the cold-hearted, barbaric human who makes his own son watch him stab a man. But unfortunately, the story fails to create suspense in unfolding his character.

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A movie high on a soldier's love for his country, Commando 3 is nothing more than an overly done movie feeding the audience with patriotism. What you can definitely expect is Vidyut's power-packed action that glue you to the screen only wanting for it to continue, as it is the best thing in the movie. And don't forget to witness the ladies go all badass with their impressive stunts. It is really refreshing to see the ladies beat up the bad guys.

If you are an action movie freak, you'll definitely love it.

Watch the Commando 3 trailer here:

So, are you planning on watching Commando 3 over the weekend?

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