These communities team up with SK and LS for Pride Live Fest 2.0

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Pride Live Fest 2.0

Check out the complete list of the LGBTQIA+ community and partners who are collaborating with Social Ketchup and Local Samosa for Pride Live Fest 2.0

June is the month of Pride and it’s celebrated to memorialize the Stonewall riots in the USA back in 1969. This has continued to be seen as a month that highlights and talks about the struggles, issues, accomplishments, and everything in between for the queer community. It’s the month that reminds us about the existence of this beautiful community and the great deal of work that they’re doing. While Pride month is for the community, it’s not just celebrated by them but by their allies from society as well. And that’s precisely what we’re doing this June at Social Ketchup and Local Samosa. Our 2nd edition of Pride Live Fest 2.0 is here and we’re uber excited!

Social Ketchup and Local Samosa (from the house of Social Samosa Network) present the Pride LIVE Fest as an initiative to normalize conversations around the LGBTQIA+ community. We intend to celebrate the month of Pride by creating informative and engaging content for the LGBTQIA+ community to come together in a safe space.

Scheduled on June 18, 2021, this virtual fest intends to bring the community together on one common forum to facilitate an exchange of thoughts and views in a safe space.

Community Partners:


DragVanti is an online platform for upcoming desi drag artists and drag enthusiasts where you will find drag shows,  reviews,  photographs,  drag memes, drag Directory and more.

Swabhava Trust

Swabhava is a charitable trust, registered in Bangalore, Karnataka on 18th September 1999. The core area of our work is to provide access to support services for people who are identified as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, hijra (LGBT) or other similar gender and sexual(ity) minorities.


Sahodari Foundation

Sahodari Foundation is a pioneer organization in India which has been voicing for transgender and gender non binary community of India since 2007.

Keshavsuri Foundation

Keshav Suri Foundation is an NGO build with the aim to embrace, empower, and main stream the LGBTQ+ community. The foundation is building a discrimination free platform, enabling community members to share their stories and stigmas – physical, emotional or mental.

Nazariya LGBT

Nazariya LGBT is an organisation that aims at working towards magnifying the voices of those that are marginalized within the queer community and society.


6 degrees is a growth network for individuals of all ages, genders, abilities & sexualities that works towards bringing the LGBTQ community together

The Qknit

The Qknit is an organisation that was established with the aim to facilitate and start conversations about Indian queer life through media, leadership & advocacy.

Gifting Partners


It is a premium hair care and styling products range from the house of Godrej Consumer Products Limited (GCPL)



It is a digitally native global wellness brand taking India’s finest teas & superfoods to consumers in 130 countries, under a proud home-grown label.


Disguise Cosmetics

Bogged down by the pressure of the conventional definition of 'beauty', Disguise Cosmetics set out on a journey to discover what beauty means in its true, raw, imperfect and fun form.


Bewakoof launched in 2012 by Prabhkiran Singh is a growing youth brand built on the principle of creating impact through innovation, honesty, and thoughtfulness and is backed by marquee investors like IvyCap and InvestCorp. Bewakoof has released the extensive #Pride collection of all-gender footwear and apparel in Pride-inspired colors, such as the cozy, rainbow-patterned Disco Stripes Slide. The company proudly supports the LGBTQ community and celebrates individuality as they launch a special limited edition Pride collection on their platform


Satliva is a family-owned, hemp-based, luxury cosmetics company based in Bangalore India. The products are 100% natural, freshly made on order & has zero chemicals whatsoever.


Media Partners

As You Are


Sugar Rush Media

A 360° Advertising Agency backed by Creative & Media-Tech Solutions for Content creators and Global Brands to accelerate growth.

We’re geared up to be creating this wholesome experience for you. So, join in with enthusiasm, positive vibes, and love. Click here to register yourself for the Pride LIVE fest!

For any queries, partnership or participation requests for Pride LIVE Fest, drop us an email on

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