Are you obsessed with the song “Tum Tak” by Javed Ali? Here’s what Instagram creators came up with!

Social media knows how you get a song stuck in your head. And after Instagram introduced its Reels feature, it doesn’t take more than a night to popularise a song. But there are some songs that we like for different reasons and Javed Ali’s “Tum Tak” is definitely one of them!

The song is widely liked by the audience since its release. And yes Ranjhana and the unforgettable duo of Dhanush and Sonam Kapoor made it even more special for people. The song found a place in our heads again because it has been trending on Reels lately and Instagram creators are getting creative with it. If you scroll through Reels, you’ll know what we’re talking about!

The whole song makes you vibe on it but a part of it aka ‘Naino ki dhaak le ja, naino ki naiyya, patwaar tu hai meri, tu khevaiyya, jaana hai paar tere, tu hi bhanwar hai pahunchegi paar kaise Naazuk si naiyya” has a separate fan base. And we aren’t the only ones with this opinion, most of the Reels are made on this portion. The song may be of the romantic genre but the content that you will find on Instagram can be funny, romantic, inspirational, and even nostalgic. But above all, they’re entertaining and fun to look at.

Check out these handpicked Reels on this song.

Are you too vibing to this melody too?

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