Congress v/s BJP War has turned to Twitter

Paawan Sunam
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BJP Congress Twitter

BJP and Congress' war to rule India has taken a social turn with their wars on Twitter. BJP tweeted the trailer of #TheAcidentalPrimeMinister with a caption that invited backlash.

Verbal taunts during speeches while addressing the general public, has become a traditional way of putting down one another. The new way is an aggressive tweet, insulting the opposing party.

Politicians have forgotten that, to win over people's heart, you should care about the citizens and work towards developing the country and not throw petty taunts.

Riding high on the #InstagramUpdate trend and bashing, Congress used the opportunity to throw a taunt at BJP.

The government is trying to divert people's attention to the opposing party's faults to cover up theirs. Several discrepancies in various government systems, corruption, social taboos and issues, crime rates and others in the list that is longer than the road from Colaba to Kolkatta and no significant change proves that both parties talk a lot of shit but don't back it all up.

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The Accidental Prime Minister, a biographical political film, based on the controversial book has become a weapon for BJP to use against congress. Twitter users called out their bullshit by bashing them for executing such a spiteful promotional technique. Honestly, there can be no better time to release this movie.

Politics has become a negative term in the wake of such instances. Political Parties are "brands" promoting themselves for the sake of their own profit and not the country's. The law has become baseless and the judicial system is a joke, while politicians suck every drop of blood in the citizens' body to fill their stomach.

Kudos to these citizens for criticizing such a boneless move.

What do you think of the approach our political parties are taking to promote their agenda?

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