Conspiracy theories of the world that have made everyone doubt the reality of it and raised questions that just receive mere mysterious looks.

There are facts and then there are speculations. Events that people have absorbed at face value and events that have risen suspicions enough to let the chatter take rounds. Out of all the infamous incidents have taken place some have gained more popularity than the rest due to its mysterious occurrence and lack of proof latched onto the incident and given rise to conspiracy theories.

Put your thinking hats on as we embark on this ride of mystery and leave you with question mark.

1.)    JFK Assassination

USA’s president was assassinated in broad daylight in his open limo while traveling with his wife Jacqueline, Governor of Texas and Governor’s wife. He is said to be shot by a former US marine Lee Harvey Oswald who was fatally shot before he could be convicted by a bar owner Ruby.

There are many theories that revolves around this. Ranging from a mysterious umbrella man to a lady in a scarf called Babushka lady to CIA being linked to the assassination. In 1992 President Bush declared that all files of JFK assassination would be released in 25 years that is 2017. The file had many shocking revelations but ended halfway through a sentence. In a poll taken, 70% of Americans don’t believe the government’s report of the event. There are many questions around the story – How many bullets? What angle were they shot? Did the driver do it? etc.

2.)    Tupac Shakur’s death

The successful young rapper at the mere age of 25 years was shot dead in his car on 6th September 1996 in Las Vegas. He and Suge Knight were driving to Club 662 when their car was shot 13 times, out of which 4 hit Shakur. Though being seriously bruised Knight drove himself and Shakur a mile where they were pulled over by Bike Patrol who then called the paramedics. Shakur succumbed to his own injuries 6 days later whereas Suge didn’t say anything till 11th September. He gave a statement to the police saying he didn’t see anything and just heard something which did not prove of any aid to the case.

Prior to heading out, they had a fight with Orlando Anderson, a Crips gang in the lobby of the hotel which was captured in the CCTV of the hotel. Anderson was the topmost suspect was later killed in an unknown shooting. Other say Suge killed him as Tupac was about to leave their record, some believe Notorious B.I.G did due to their ongoing East Coast-West Coast rivalry, people also doubt Diddy did it. In Eminem’s roast song KillShot about Machine Gun Kelly, he raps “But Kells, the day you put out a hit’s the day Diddy admits
That he put the hit out that got Pac killed, ah”. Amongst this, the most assumed theory is that Tupac is still alive and staged his own death

3.)    9/11 attacks

On September 11, 2001. Almost 3000 people were killed when two planes directly crashed into the Twin Towers of World Trade Centre. Both crashes happened 18 minutes apart. 19 terrorist hijackers together completed this mission, while two planes crashed into the twin towers other two were flown into Pentagon and fifth one into a field in Pennsylvania. It was a suicide terrorist attack. It is believed that the attack was orchestrated by Al-Qaeda under the leadership of Osama Bin Laden.

There are many theories framed around deadly 9/11 attacks, the day that shook the whole of America. The most common ones are that the government was warned about the attacks but did not pay heed to it whereas other say that the building owner Larry Silverstein was involved in attacks as just two months before the attacks he took out insurance covering terrorism. Contradictory to what media reports some say that it was just the aircraft that caused the destructions

4.)    Illuminati

People have always suspected the existence of a secret group which is behind the most of unanswered events of the world. It is symbolized with a triangle with an eye in the very center. It dates back to 16th century, a society of the “enlightens”. The conspiracy around Illuminati is the very existence of this undisclosed and mysterious society

This society is believed to demand the souls of people in exchange for popularity and fame. Many famous pop singers are assumed to be linked to Illuminati like Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Katy Perry, and even Jay Z. The Illuminati connection is observed by secret hidden symbols or signs in their videos or photos. Some of the most famous ones are 666, a triangle with an eye, pentagrams. Michael Jackson’s dubious death has also been associated with Illuminati and he had openly disregarded them.

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5.) Chemtrails

This is a comparatively a newer conspiracy theory but has gained popularity rapidly. Conspiracy theorists believe that the white gas emitted by airplane is the government’s scheme to control the weather. 76 out of 77 participating atmospheric chemists and geochemists stated that the Chemtrail theory is baseless and devoid of any evidence. It is, in reality, a natural phenomenon that happens due to hot gas meeting cool air.

Conspiracy theories have gained popularity now more than ever and it will always be an ongoing discussion. Well, my favorite is 9/11 theory and all the conjecture around it that just puts me in a deeper contemplation.

Tell us any theories that are missing and we need to discuss further but well hush-hush we don’t want you to go missing too!