What is better than creating funny, quirky, lovable content and videos with your best friends? These Vontent creators BFFs are all cute, mushy and entertaining duos

These power-packed Content Creator BFFs are nailing their content game every day and giving us major blogging and vlogging inspo! From creating chic fashion and food content to travelling and hilarious content, these influencers are giving us major goals to get started with something along with our crazier half!

With such simple and lovable content, the influencers are keeping the lockdown mood set and soaring. Watching our favourites collaborate is like a double treat so keep swiping through their Instagram profiles and find out how much they adore making videos, going on vacations and cooking food with their friends and to entertain us with their madness and love!

Check out some of the most entertaining Content Creator BFFs here:

Prajakta Koli and Beyounik

Ankush Bahuguna and Shibani Bedi

Bhuvan Bam and Ashish Chanchalni

Tanzeel Khan and Rishabh Chawlaa

Bhavin Bhanushali, Sameeksha Sud and Vishal Pandey


Faisal Shaikh, Sohail and Junaid

Khusha Kapila and Shristhi Dixit

Dolly Singh and Komal Pandey

Mrunal Panchal and Arsh

Larissa and Shraddha

Aashna Hegde and Sanket Mehta

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 Tanya Kanijow and Kritika Khurana

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For the last few days I was in Gulmarg, Kashmir for a little bit of recce for a video project based in Gulmarg around the snow sports in the area. And Oh! The things I've seen and the experiences I've had. And mainly the people I've met! Kashmir is not only beautiful but the locals are some of the most amazing and kindest, I've ever met. I'm overwhelmed by the hospitality of locals beyond measure and this post is a sincere effort to thank everyone who I met! I'm really grateful that I could enjoy such a good time even in the midst of times where local businesses are so badly affected due to recent circumstances. Because of internet and connectivity issues a lot of people are also apprehensive and anxious about visiting Kashmir. This has affected the local businesses that depend on tourists and now more than anything, need help to rebuild in terms of the tourism economy atleast. 😊 So here are some quick travel advices that I can give if you plan to visit: ✨ There are regular flights operating to Srinagar and getting to Gulmarg via a flight to Srinagar is actually more accessible than even reaching places like Manali (for example). The flight to Srinagar is 1.5 hours from Delhi and Gulmarg is a short road journey of two hours from there. ✨ There is impaired internet and phone connectivity. Prepaid sims don't work and even postpaid networks like Vodafone are not the best. Jio and BSNL networks work just fine. 2G network is slowly re-surfacing and wifi is available at some hotels. Connectivity wise, if you visit, you won't be comfortable exactly, but that way you would be able to connect with locals and empathise better. ✨ Since I was in Gulmarg, I'll speak about Gulmarg here..because I was amazed to see the infrastructure. Especially the Gondolas, the chair cars, the ski shops, the rental equipment and overall Gulmarg as a Ski destination is truly state of art! I couldn't belive myself. I really think more of us who find skiing or snow boarding fascinating, can consider Gulmarg as a destination for learning an altogether new sport. That way we would also be able to contribute to local economy. I'm eager to go again and learn for sure! (Continued) ✨

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Japleen Kaur and Abhinav Chandel

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This is a long overdue post because a) I either would blank out, and not know what to write or b) end up writing a thesis. Also, wanted the only other picture we have together for this but I guess that's lost among the millions that he's clicked. Totally, never seeing it again. But here it goes… 9 Reasons Why Abhinav Chandel Is Super Annoying 1. He's there for everyone who needs him. Just a call or message away. And he has 3 numbers. Matlab how can you take care of the whole world!? Annoying, right? 2. He makes me smile all the time. Not that it's difficult but he does. How inconsiderate of him. Huh. 3. He has made me meet so many new people, ones who've become family now. I'm never alone in the mountains because of him. So, annoying by God. 4. He cooks like a pro. I mean, when has daal tasted so good! But he manages to do that also. Superhuman hai. Again, kaafi annoying. 5. He has the potential to make people cry through his posts. Tears of joy, of love, of belief. But forgets to do that for himself. Arrey kyun! Annoying ladka. 6. He ensures that everyone around him get to experience magical moments. Puts in efforts as looking at others gleam with happiness makes him content. Kitni annoying habit hai na? Uff. 7. He motivates you to do things that you've never done or are scared of pursuing. And not just says, he inspires by example. Following his footsteps is an honour. Quite literally, coz he walks so fast!!! Yeh toh sahi mein annoying hai. 8. He will sing with you if you feel like, dance if you want to or if you just want to sit in silence, and admire the stars, he'll do that too. What is this comfort level. Annoying? Annoying. 9. He irritates the hell out of me, says that he won't eat but ends up hogging on my food, wakes me up every morning like the world is going to end, makes me trespass random people's properties, and has trained me to become a fantastic PA. But you know what? This is not annoying at all. Not even one bit. Thank you, Abhinav. For being yourself, and letting me be myself around you. 💜

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Komal Pandey and Siddharth Batra

Shivesh Bhatia and Amrita Kaur


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