Content creator duo Abhi and Niyu encourage people to donate their worn-out masks and PPE kits to a better cause

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Check out this video shared by digital content creator AbhiandNiyu on eco friendly bricks created by Dr. Binesh Desai

Digital content creator duo Abhiraj and Niyati aka AbhiandNiyu who is known for their impactful and inspirational videos recently released a video that documented the magnificent work done by Dr. Binish Desai (the Recycle Man of India) on his eco-friendly bricks 2.0. The video has gained close to 9 million views across Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. After the release of the video, Binish and his team have received 21kgs of worn-out masks and PPE kits from houses and 125kg waste from mask manufacturers using their chindi waste to make bricks.


Dr. Binish Desai found a way to convert masks and woven PPE waste into bricks. These bricks cost Rs. 2.8 per brick which is much cheaper than regular bricks and are made of 52% shredded PPE masks, 48% paper industry sludge + Binish's patented binder. Based on this genius idea, Abhi & Niyu made a video around it to encourage people to donate their used or worn out masks and PPE kits to this cause. The video was also shared by actors Ayushmann Khurrana and Bhumi Pednekar.

Speaking on the video, Abhi and Niyu said "We wanted to focus on a solution-based approach to everyday living. We highlighted the ever-increasing waste produced globally every month by masks, PPE kits, and gloves. Most of them are disposable face masks made from plastic microfibers so when we came across the amazing work Dr. Binish Desai was doing, we wanted to show that small things can make a difference."


Dr. Binish Desai said "I have always seen waste as something that is useful. When Covid hit and a new type of pollution i.e PPE waste came into existence, it became more important than ever to find a solution to this problem. This initiative of collecting used PPE from households is one way of educating people and helping them form a habit of collecting waste. When they see a difference being made with their small efforts it turns into a larger change. I’m thankful to Abhi and Niyu for the video as it has made many people aware of waste and help create a difference one waste at a time. We have also started receiving materials from people and are happily recycling them into the bricks 2.0"

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