Content Creator Shivani Bafna talks about her red-carpet debut at Cannes Film Festival 2023, called it exhilarating!

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Shivani Bafna

Indian-American Content Creator Shivani Bafna makes her red carpet debut at this year's Cannes Film Festival

The content creator community is at its peak with loads of opportunities coming their way. This year we saw some of our favourites being associated with renowned designers, brands and events. With the world basking in another spectacular Cannes Film Festival this month, our creators did not fail to make their mark there too. Among the few creators to walk the famous Cannes red carpet is the Indian-American content creator Shivani Bafna.

Shivani is one of the many individuals who found a path in the entertainment industry without any prior experience or connections. Discovering her interest in Bollywood and continuing on the path, she has been able to create her own domain in the community. She is a 2nd generation Indian American influencer with over 1 million followers across platforms, an entrepreneur and a TEDx presenter who continues to make waves in the world, online and offline.

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She is one of the few who had the opportunity to walk the red carpet and be part of the most hyped glitz and glamour of the season. She called the whole experience of walking the carpet as, "Exhilarating. Nerve-wracking. Surreal" which everyone has been feeling since she shared the news with her followers. She mentioned about adding Cannes to her vision board at 22 and watching it become a reality 5 years later.

Shivani's outfit for the event was a statement gown designed by Vaishali S. She believes Vaishali's construction and creativity are unparalleled. The stunning red creation combines elegance, grace, and a touch of boldness. It captures the essence of classic sophistication while also reflecting a modern twist. Shivani styled herself with the help and input of her friends, family, and colleagues who shared their opinions through countless "what do you think" WhatsApp!

One of the unique elements of Shivani's ensemble was a DIY-ed clutch featuring a QR code. When scanned, the code takes audiences to a letter she wrote. In this heartfelt letter, she shares her feelings about being on the red carpet and hopes that her message resonates with the audience, going beyond surface-level fashion. Talking about the same she said, "I know I wasn’t the best dressed in the room (and that’s never been my forte haha). But sharing an honest message and building connection is. So I DIY-ed a ‘QR code clutch’!! When you scan the code, you’re taken to a letter written by me about how I really felt to be walking at Cannes. And how that feeling has been present all my life and will continue to be. But more importantly, how this can’t stop me or you from chasing bigger heights."

Before she amazed the world with her looks on the carpet, Shivani took out some time to share her excitement with us.

Here's what Shivani had to share before her dreams come true:

How was walking the red carpet at Cannes Film Festival

Exhilarating. Nerve-wracking. Surreal. It’s an experience I’m beyond grateful for!! The energy of the carpet is on another level, I tried my level best to soak it all in. 

How did you prep for this year’s Cannes? 

I’d love to tell you this look results from months of prep. But it’s really 72 hours of trying to scramble and get it all done in time! I messaged a bunch of designers asking to source a gown, coordinated with vendors for jewellery and the bag and am wearing a pair of heels I already owned! 

Please share details about the outfit you wore at Cannes Film Festival

My gown is Vaishali S. Accompanied by my favorite part of the outfit — a ClutchIt clutch that scans to a letter written by me about this moment! Earrings are Anayah jewellery. And the tennis bracelet I’m wearing is my own — my mom and I have matching ones. We had it made during my wedding festivities and I remember her every time I wear it.

Can you talk about your inspiration? What made you choose the outfit?

My inspiration was to share a message that goes beyond surface-level fashion. To be as true to myself in this milestone moment and to encourage others to do the same. 

What one moment from Cannes will always stay in your heart?

Eating Cheeto puffs, chocolate biscuits and a cheese pizza alone in my Airbnb the night before the walk. Was wearing my pajamas and had Maan Meri Jaan playing in the background. And reminisced on how much has changed and yet how some things never will!! 

One thing about Cannes Film Festival that you like

The creativity and individuality everyone expresses through their looks!

Are you excited to see her look like we are?

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