We asked digital Content Creators Abhi & Niyu, Radhika Bangia and Dipraj Jadhav their thoughts on the newly launched, Instagram Reels. Check out what they had to say!

The newly launched Instagram Reels have caught everyone’s attention and how. The ‘gramers are busy exploring the new feature and so are your favourite content creators. Some of the creators brought their A-Game with Reels ranging from fashion to beauty to downright hilarious videos. Since, the new feature replicates a lot of TikTok’s features which was recently banned in India, we asked the creators what the arrival of Instagram Reels means or stands to change for the platform and they had some interesting takes to share.

Take a look at what they had to say:

How has your experience with Instagram Reels been? – In terms of ease, filters, saving options etc.?

Abhi and Niyu said“Our experience with Instagram Reels so far has been good. We are new to making such short-form content so we are learning as we go.”

Dipraj Jhadav aka Diprajedits shared“Last evening when IG rolled out the Reels update and when we were first able to use it, I absolutely loved it. Because the feature is directly integrated to the app, it’s easily accessible to the user. They can shoot content with one tap and also upload prerecorded products directly from the gallery. They have a bunch of interactive filters that we can use, it really makes the reel stand out.”

While Radhika Bangia said, “I’ve found Instagram Reels to be easy and intuitive to use.”


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How are you planning to use the feature?

Dipraj Jadhav aka Diprajedits replied saying, The ‘add audio’ feature now gives me an option to make quick edits on the go. For my short edits, I won’t have to download the audio, use my laptop to layer them – it’s all one touch away now.

Radhika Bangia told us, “The new Reels feature is a great platform for easily digestible content. It’s very different from the Instagram sketches I typically make, but I think it has its place.”

Abhi and Niyu explained, “We are planning to use the feature to make a new series called the ABCs of Bharat. Here, we’ll be sharing one fact related to India in 15 seconds. It is something new and challenging for us so we’re quite excited about that.”

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How do you think it will affect content creation on Instagram?

Radhika told us, It’s probably too early to tell whether it will have a meaningful impact on how content is created on Instagram. I think having its own little section on the app helps maintain the Instagram feel and keeps the new content optional.”

Abhi and Niyu quipped, “As for content creation on Instagram, we feel it may not change. It’ll give creators an additional platform for creators who are interested in short-form content.”

Dipraj said, “This addition will definitely appeal to more and more creators who liked to create short-form videos to come and become a regular Instagram user. Initially, it may be a challenge but once everyone gets a hang of it, we’ll surely see a lot of entertaining content coming to us.”


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