These content creators seem to be making the most of Lakme Fashion Week Day 2

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Lakme Fashion Week

We spotted Shereen, Maia Sethna, Lisha Batta and so many content creators at Lakme Fashion Week Day 2!

Lakme Fashion Week Day 2 brought in a whole lot of entertainment that we got to witness thanks to our content creators who covered it all on their social media platforms. As much as LFW is about ridiculously talented designers showcasing their collections, what has us completely hooked is who showed up for this event. No, this isn't just because we're deeply invested in these content creators' lives, we also get to experience something from their perspective and you'll agree if you also follow these creators on Instagram!

Sakshi Sindwani has been taking us around LFW and it makes us want to be there because there's so much FOMO! Seriously, why is everyone so on point with their lewks? Right from Lisha Batta's gorgeous and edgy eyes to Shereen in Rahul Mishra, we're spending hours on Instagram for a lot more Lakme Fashion Week content instead of working our 9 to 5's! Can you blame us?

Check out who we spotted at LFW Day 2!


Roseka Watra in Rudraksh


Maia Sethna

Lisha Batta

Monalisha Mahapatra

Hope you're all caught up with day 2 of Lakme Fashion Week Day 2!

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