2020 gave rise to content that was shot indoors during the lockdown keeping the current pandemic situation. Check out some interesting titles that you can watch now that were shot during the lockdown.

Art is a reflection of society. Art can be used as an instrument to make people heal and also give them hope at all times. The year 2020 was a difficult year for us due to Covid-19 but the entertainment industry made sure that they use the resources available to entertain us in this otherwise difficult year. Various films and series were shot during the lockdown mostly indoors this year and it is fascinating how the filmmakers used the current reality so well in their respective projects. Actors donned the hat of a cameraman, makeup artist, light man, sound man, director, in short, they became the one-man army when it came to shooting. And these titles are worth watching for the sheer hard work that went into it to create content. And for all reasons for their reliability quotient.

Check out the list of movies and series that were shot this year during the lockdown

Bhalla Calling Bhalla

Where to watch: Zee5

Home stories

Where to watch: Youtube ( Netflix India)

Putham Pudhu Kaalia

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video

Social Distance

Where to watch: Netflix

Wakaalat from home

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video

C u soon

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video

Banana Bread

Where to watch: Youtube Terribly Tiny tales channel

The gone game

Where to Watch : Voot

A viral Wedding

Where to watch: Eros now

Hello Stranger

Where to watch: Black Sheep channel


Where to watch : Amazon Prime Video

Father of the bride part 3 ( ish)

Where to watch : Youtube Netflix Channel

Half of my heart

Where to watch: Terribly tiny tales Youtube channel

Lockdown wala match

Where to watch : The screen patti

Metro Park quarantine edition

Where to watch : Eros now


Where to watch : Humara movie

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