10 coolest on-screen moms who played the role of a girl best friend we didn’t know we needed!

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There are so many on-screen moms out there who we love for defying stereotypes of what a mother should be like so here’s a shoutout to some of our favorite on-screen mamas!

Since the dawn of time mothers have always been shown as a beacon of sacrifice and the one who ensures discipline for her kid. She is often portrayed as this pure and pious being who suppresses her feelings so her kids don’t feel bad. The one responsible to keep the family together and manage a household. Well, that’s all done and dusted now. It’s the era of the moms who take charge, who believe in being more of a confidante or a wholesome gal pal than a strict parent. These on-screen moms also are great inspiration of the fact that you don’t really have to give up on being who you are in-order to be a ‘good mother’. You can be badass, fashionable, highly opinionated and most importantly open minded enough to have conversations about sex and dating or just being honest about anything under the sun with your kids. Because isn’t it too outdated to just watch them brush it under the carpet? 

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Here’s to moms who carried the story on their shoulder and shaped some of our favorite characters today!

Lorelai Gilmore- Gilmore Girls

First of all, she has aged so beautifully. It's difficult to even believe she is a mom! Lorelai and Rory are mother and daughter, sure, but they’re each other’s ride or die. Lorelai spends her days referencing terms from pop culture and feels as warm as the hot coffee she loves!


Mrs George- Mean Girls

She is the OG cool mom, the one who in fact has even coined this term in history. Her dialogue “I’m not a regular mom, I’m a cool mom” will forever stay iconic. 


Hemlata Dholakia- Happy Family, Conditions Apply

Ratna Pathak Shah is cool as it is and she brings that to her character Hemlata as well. She is witty, open minded about a lot of things that people her age usually aren't.

Beth Pearson- This is Us

Beth is super funny and intelligent. She was a young ballet dancer and she carries that poise, grace and compassion in raising her family as well. 


Neena Gupta- Masaba Masaba

Neena Gupta plays herself in Masaba Masaba and she is unabashedly herself in the show. She's a mom who even though might have banters with her daughter, is her biggest supporter as well. Her career picks up in her late 50s and that should be more proof enough for anyone that you can never be past your prime.

Moira Rose- Schitt's Creek

Moira was a mom who wants to make a family dinner but then asks her son to 'fold in the cheese'. Or asks her children to find controversial pictures of her online and gets upset when they don't. She loves her bebes and rekindles their relationship in the most unique manner but loves herself and her wigs the most. She can take on the world with that confidence and we love her for that.

Donna Sheridan- Mamma Mia

Donna Sheridan is a single mom who raised her daughter in Greece, did everything on her own and will never let a man sway her. She is super fun and seeing her dance with her girl squad will always bring a smile on your face. 


Eudoria Holmes- Enola Holmes

In a time where mothers were teaching their daughters to court the richest princes and viscounts in town, Eudoria Holmes taught Enola to fight, read backwards and solve mysteries. The two were never going to be quintessential women that we see in the Victorian era and that’s pretty cool.

Shamshunissa- Darlings

She was literally her daughter’s partner in crime! Enough said.

Nam Haeng-Son- Crash Course in Romance

Although she was Nam Hae-Yi’s aunt and not her mom, she never loved her any less than a mom would. She stepped in after her real mother abandoned her and raised her to be a wise young lady. She went above and beyond for her education and also found love for herself in that process.


Who is your favorite on-screen mom? Let us know in the comments below!

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