Coronavirus Update: WHO admits 'evidence emerging' of airborne spread of the virus

Chayanika Roy
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coronavirus update

In a new Coronavirus update, the World Health Organisation confirmed that there is emerging evidence that points towards the virus being 'airborne'.

The new Coronavirus update means there could be a possibility of aerosol transmission in an enclosed space with prolonged exposure like hospitals or inside an infected person's room or home.

Maria Van Kerkhove, technical lead on the COVID-19 pandemic at WHO, told a news briefing on Tuesday, "We have been talking about the possibility of the airborne transmission and aerosol transmission as one of the modes of transmission of COVID-19."

This week a group of over 200 scientists in 32 countries wrote an open letter to the Geneva-based agency, stating that the virus particles floating in the air can infect people who breathe them in and the scientists requested WHO to update its regulations and guidelines on how the lung diseases can be passed between people now.

WHO acknowledged the fact and said, "We acknowledge that there is emerging evidence in this field, as in all other fields regarding the COVID-19 virus and pandemic", Benedetta Allegranzi, WHO's the technical lead for infection prevention and control.

After the newly emerging evidence, WHO would be issuing revised guidelines and precautions to be taken. As responsible citizens, we must continue to adhere to all the guidelines issued by healthcare workers and the responsible authorities which includes physical distancing,  use of masks and gloves and other required precautions.

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