As the countdown to Valentine’s Day begins, we bring you some of the best couple illustrators on Instagram for you to follow. Do share these with your partner!

It is once again that time of the year when love is in the air and love stories are narrated, iterated and celebrated with gusto. While romance is one to be adored, there is something extra special when two people harness their chemistry to create a piece of art. It is one to revere. One such story is that of Diane and Leo Dillion, who competed against each other in art school, eventually falling in love and worked their way through decades of marriage and teamwork. Digging up our Instagram saves, we realised there are quite a few couple illustrators who are involved in the content creation process as a team.

Take a look at this list of couple illustrators you must bless your feed with:

Love Handle Comics

Rahul and Sneha go by the names Big Boo and Lil Boo on Instagram. Together since 2011, they have seen the good and bad of being a couple in India. Married for the past three years, they share their experiences in the form of comics on Love Handle Comics. Recently, they have also started dabbling in merchandising by releasing a 2020 calendar.

Hubman and Chubgirl

Documenting their lives together, Chris and Pecca have a distinct style and format to the posts they put up on their profile, Hubman and Chubgirl. The first picture is a cover, followed by the comic with their real-life picture to depict how it really is about them. Topics covered by them range from everyday nuances to the trauma of suffering a miscarriage and recovery.

One Of Those Days

Yehuda and Maya are the creators of a webcomic called One of Those Days. They illustrate their lives as a couple as well as parents to a toddler. These include the efforts put in to become pregnant, embracing the changes that come along and eventually being overwhelmed — feeling like a soldier while changing diapers and loving the kiddie hugs.

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@jude_devir & @maya_devir made our hearts cry!❤❤❤ It's OK It's okay when she cries in your hands It's okay that she only wants her mom It's okay that you can't put her to sleep It's okay that you still don't understand your status It's okay that you don't have that connection, that everybody is talking about It's okay that you still don't understand your job definition It's okay that you don't make her laugh It's okay that you're tired It's okay that you're angry It's okay that things don't work out for you It's okay to ask for a hug It's okay to share your partner with everything you go through, even if it doesn't seem so manly It's okay that your life has changed It's okay that your plans have been canceled It's okay that you have no time for anything It's okay to feel weak It's okay to be moody It's okay to feel lonely It's okay to ask for help It's OK… Shop: Support us: #judedevir #mayadevir #arieldevir #oneofthosedays

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Pi and Bu have been together for over six years and love to share their experiences in the form of comics. Every comic they share is available in both English and Spanish, helping them reach wider audiences with the same creative. They share the little things they live through on a daily basis — from sharing household chores to playing with lingerie.

The Potato Couple

Called The Potato Couple, this venture by Jason and Ymei explores their relationship in a set of comics in multiple frames. From the little things they enjoy while in each other’s company to the feelings that come with a long-distance relationship, their creations have it all. They also have a second page where they post comics in Chinese.

The best thing about these illustrations is their universality. With the help of cartoon characters, these couples are able to put together tales and experiences that resonate with people across the spectrum. Though most of them deal with love, the sketches often go beyond to discuss various not-so-openly discussed quirks and oddities of a relationship.