Annoying Things Couples do on Social Media

Preethie Vimalan
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Annoying Things Couples do on Social Media

My Facebook wall has been flooded with lame posts (no offence!) since February 7! Rose day, propose day, chocolate day, teddy day, promise day, blah blah blah! Every time I log on, I feel like slamming my head on the washroom door. For all the couples out there, please!

Here's a list of few things that are more on the annoying side!

Clicking intimate images and posting it on timeline

intimate images of couple on fb

Yes, we do understand you are in love and that you have your own intimate times. But, do you really have to make it public? Timeline images do not have the same effect as movie stills, regardless of the number of likes you get.

Sharing their V-day plans

advertising v day plans on fb

Your Valentine's Day starts with a ‘cute’ surprise and ends with a romantic moonlight dinner. So what? Expecting us to comment on it or to offer suggestions is pretty lame, because it is your day and your plans! We are not interested at all!

Posting lovey-dovey messages on each others' walls


I wonder if people have forgotten about the existence of the private message option.

Relating every post with their guy/girl


I once posted a screen shot of a Quora answer about a life lesson on my timeline and boom! 43 comments in 15 minutes! Only later did I realize what triggered it all: "But you are my life honey *name of the partner*".

This resulted in 43 love messages between them! Seriously?!

 Writing cryptic sad updates when they have fights

fights posts on fb

I blame Facebook more than the couples themselves when it comes down to this point. “What’s on your mind?” pops into the status box and people exploit it to their best! When will they realize that we look at it as a public stunt rather than sympathizing for them?

 Worst- Having fights in public

insulting post on fb

Posting insulting remarks on your guy’s/girl’s page, filling their page with cuss words just because of a small fight? If you were trying to target your ex, let me tell you something- mission failed in a brutally pathetic manner! Because, you are not insulting your ex. Rather, you are scraping the dirt onto yourself, showing how fragile you are!

Trying to console people who are single

consoling single on fb

We are happy being the way we are! It is not a crime being single and we do not have gloomy days. So stop talking us into getting committed or trying to make us look pitiful! This article might have an impudent touch to the couples. But that was not the intention.

Love is a beautiful feeling. Falling in love, being in love is an enigmatic experience. A beautiful phase of life. Everyone finds their love at one point of time. However, the real charm is treasured only when it is private.

Public display of affection is not a delight to others. It is maddening at times. Either way, let February 14 be a special day for all! Happy Valentine’s Day! All you couples, let it have the fairy tale touch! For people like me, get your sleeves up! Let’s have a bash!

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