15 Cover artists to follow for that perfect background score for your aesthetic Reels

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Cover audios on Instagram

Check out this list of cover audios on Instagram that you can use to make your Instagram Reels more beautiful and aesthetic.

It's 2022 and our day still begins and ends with social media. Having a bunch of apps was not enough when Instagram went on to add a new feature and got us all hooked to it 24/7. We all realize our addiction to Reels and yet continue to keep scrolling through them, it's a fact we can all agree on without feeling guilty. Even among all the crazy audios that go viral, we really enjoy and appreciate song covers shared by various talented artists. These cover audios on Instagram make for the perfect background for our own videos.

As we enjoy watching them we also love creating our own and joining the bandwagon. When we have a trend that we want to hop onto, it becomes a no-brainer since the audio is already there. What needs some decision making is when we want to share a very aesthetic video of our recent travel or a good time we spend with our friends. We want songs that depict the mood of the video and cover audios on Instagram to radiate pure Reel energy. Artists not only have a platform to share their talents but also the opportunity to see people appreciate it with the Reels they create. There are many artists that you can follow who create such soothing and exceptional covers of some of the classic songs and we made a list of a few that you can follow.

Listen to these artist covers!

Arvind Venugopal

Nafisa Haniya


Sneha Nair


Kushagra Thakur

Fathima Neha

Chaitanya Shinde

Seven Eye

Aaliya Ilyasi

Gawri Bhat

Kiran and Nivi

Rohith Jayaraman


Akanksha Sethi

Hope these artist covers make it to your Reel videos.

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