We have made a list of websites and COVID-19 helplines to ease people’s search to find help during these times. Also, listing how if you are a creator/digital celebrity can use your social media influence to help your followers.

The COVID-19 situation in India seems to keep rising. Our country has reported 2,73,810 new Covid-19 cases in the last 24 hours as per reports which is the highest surge in one day. Internet is filled with people asking for help. Hospitals are running out of beds, oxygen, injections, and patients are reaching out to people in their network to find help for their near and dear ones. The situation has caused the government to impose lockdown or night curfews in some parts of the country to minimize the dangers. Among this chaos, everyone is praying and hoping for the situation to become better. There are a bunch of COVID-19 helplines that people have to check out to find help.

Everyone is doing the best to lend their best possible support to their families and friends. While these efforts are appreciated, there are other ways to contribute to the current scenario. Creators and influencers are undoubtedly some of the most influential people. We all know and realize the impact and reach that the Digital Creators have. Their followers and the love that people give them is uncanny. During these difficult times, they are the best way to help out people who are in desperate need. As a platform that appreciates the content that these online artists create, we made a list of steps to be more valuable with their platform and voice.

  • Creators can ask people who are in need to mention and tag them in their stories with proper details. The creator can share the story on their page to help the message reach out to a larger audience. Once the person/people receive the help that they needed, creators should be informed about the same so that they can take down the story to avoid any other confusion. This will also make way for the help to reach out to other people in need.
  • Creators can share verfied sources of contacts/websites to reach out to for help
  • People love watching the content that they put in. Creators can urge their followers or create content that inform their audiences to follow curfew / lockdown guidelines and encourage people to follow them.
  • Considering how people find them relatable a part of their lives, it will of great importance if they keep motivating and encouraging people with positive thoughts to help their audiences get along during these difficult times.
  • Lastly, sharing their own personal experience, surely only if they are comfortable with it, will give the people a better picture of how bad the situation is and why following the COVID protocols is necessary.

There have been creators who have shared their experiences and are doing their bit in spreading positively to help people cope with the situation.

Here are some COVID helplines:

For from home testing services:

Hospital beds availability:

Medications and Remdesivir injections:

Plasma donations:

Virtual doctor consultation regarding symptoms and precautions:

Hope this information helps you. Please wear a mask, wash your hands and stay safe.