Take a dose of laughter with these Covid vaccine memes while the world waits for an actual vaccine

Smrithi Mohan
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Covid vaccine memes

Amongst the news of Coronavirus vaccines being tested around the world, various hilarious Covid Vaccine memes make it to the internet leaving us ROFL-ing.

It feels like eons since the Coronavirus was reported and the world was shut down with people made to sit at home to stop any further spread of the virus. Although all the chant of 'Go Corona Go' made no difference, we have been waiting for the vaccine to drop in so that we can all be safe again.

Luckily there have been many research and studies being done to invent a Covid Vaccine that will help cure the disease. We have heard the news of countries like Russia, US and India being among the few that have been researching in developing a successful vaccine. In recent news, India's Bharat Biotech will begin the 3rd phase of testing its vaccine. Whereas, America's Moderna has claimed that its vaccine candidate has been found to be 94.5% effective. Even as the trials and testing of the vaccines continue, we could not help but notice all the funny #CovidVaccine memes that made it to the internet. These memes are funny and will probably cure your sadness.

Check out these funny Covid Vaccine memes:

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