Creator Anirudh Sharma releases his new single - You Are Mine

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You Are Mine

Check out how fans reacted to Digital Creator, Anirudh Sharma's new single You Are Mine featuring his real-life beau, Mrunal Panchal.

Creators are filled with talent and they have proved it time and again. Apart from sharing their fashion tips or dancing to the trending challenges, these creators have shared their passion and talents with their fans online. In recent times, we have seen a bunch of our favourite Digital creators become part of a music video or created one of their own. While some have used their acting skills, others went ahead and gave their passion for singing a chance. Digital Creator Anirudh Sharma is one of them and his latest single You Are Mine is the new lover's anthem.

The Tom Cruise singer is back at it with his new single. Titled You Are Mine, the new single is the cutest thing on the internet. Sharing the screen is his real-life beau and fellow Creator, Mrunal Panchal. The two look like the adorable couple they are in real-life bringing just as much chemistry onscreen. The song is also Anirudh's debut as a composer and a lyricist and he has also directed the music video. Shreetej Manjarekar gave the music and the single's mixed by Hanish Taneja. The song has certainly left fans pleased!

Here's how fans reacted:


Check out the song You Are Mine here:

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