Check out the list of Creator Collabs we would love to watch become a reality in 2021.

One thing that excites us about our Creators apart from all the creative content is their collab videos. It is always fun to watch two or more of our favourite Digital creators to come together. These Creator Collabs combines the individual creativity of each Creator into a single video adding up to our entertainment and making our scroll-session on the internet more interesting.

Thanks to 2020 for all the time we spent on the internet, there were a number of amazing collaborations that happened. These collaborations will definitely go in our favorite lists. The year also gave a number of new creators the chance to grow and show off their talents. As we walk our way through this new year with new hopes and dreams, we decided on making a list of creators collabs that we would love to see happen in 2021.

Check out these Creator Collabs:

Vishnu Kaushal | @thevishnukaushal and Aqeel Hyder |@aqeelhyderr

Mrunal Divekar | @mrunaldivekar and Neel | @just_neel_things

Saloni Gaur | @salonayyy and Kusha Kapila | @kushakapila

Nick | @beyounick and Niharika Nm | @niharika_nm

Ashish Chanchlani | @ashishchanchlani and Karan Sonawane | @focusedindian

Dhruv Shah – Shyam Sharma | @Funcho and RJ Abhinav | @rjabhinavv

Viraj Ghelani | @viraj_ghelani and Agasthya Shah | @agasthya.shah

Dolly Singh |@dollysingh and Shibani Bedi | @shibanibedi

Jordindian | @thejordindian and Ankush Bahuguna | @ankushbahuguna

Which creators would you like to see collab?

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