At Creator Day in Delhi, Meta highlights its commitment to the Indian creator economy

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At Creator Day in Delhi, Meta highlights its commitment to the Indian creator economy

Creator day in Delhi was headlined by actor Varun Dhawan, who also performed to his songs that have trended on Reels. Over 350 creators, including Komal Pandey, Vishnu Kaushal, and RJ Abhinav, were in attendance.

Meta (formerly Facebook) today highlighted its commitment to creators in Delhi and across the country, by organizing its first ‘Creator Day’ in Delhi NCR. The event was also an opportunity to recognize the way they push culture forward on Facebook and Instagram, and give them an opportunity to create, learn and collaborate with each other. 

‘Creator Day’ is Meta's annual flagship event to celebrate creators, and provides an opportunity for them to create, collaborate and learn from each other. The 2022 version of the event is unique because it took place across 5 cities - Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Chennai, and Delhi being the city for the event finale. It is also the first time, at ‘Creator Day’, that Meta provided the fans an opportunity to meet and interact with their favorite creators - a unique engagement aimed to strengthen their relationship. 

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In the run-up to the event, creators - Komal Pandey, Saloni Gaur, Vishnu Kaushal, Sushant Divgikr, RJ Abhinav, Avneet Kaur, Aksh Baghla, Game Guru, and Shlok - were ambassadors for Creator Day, with them featuring on outdoor ads that were visible in different parts of the city. Over 350 creators finally attended the event and had the opportunity to sit through sessions on collaborating with each other in the best possible manner, brand partnerships, and inspirational creator growth stories. 

Meta highlighted the way creators from the North of India like RJ Karishma, Shubham Gour, Amulya Rattan, and Naveen Singh aka @bihariladka are pushing culture through their content, and building loyal communities, all through their content on Reels. Manish Chopra, Director & Head of Partnerships for Facebook India (Meta) said, “Young people across India, and what some call Bharat, are expressing themselves on Reels and being discovered by audiences across the country. They’re becoming the new generation of creators, with a national following, in the process of shaping culture and influencing trends. For this reason, we believe a key pillar of India’s new economy is going to be built and fuelled by creators. And with Reels, everyone has a stage to be a global icon of tomorrow.” 

Varun Dhawan was a part of the opening keynote, as he shared the way he’s inspired by creators as well. He said, “It’s impressive the way young people are showcasing their talent on reels, and how they’re breaking through every day, every moment. Being authentic and keep experimenting - is the advice I can offer creators. From ‘Student of the Year’ to the upcoming ‘Bhediya’, these are two principles I’ve lived by and maybe that’s something you could follow too. I wish you the best in finding your own path and being an advocate for your collective success. I’m glad Meta’s providing you with opportunities like Creator Day, and I’m happy I got to be a part of it too."


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