From leaving an impact to getting recognized for their work, this creator news roundup is all about it

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From leaving an impact to getting recognized for their work, this creator news roundup is all about it

This weekend was made exciting with all the amazing content and announcements made by our favourite creators. Scroll through the creator news roundup to ensure that you don't miss anything.

To start off this week's creator news roundup, Neelu Yuleena Thapa announced her pregnancy with her husband Lal Sanglyan in the most wholesome way possible. Fans sent their best wishes to the couple. Aishwarya Sridhar received an International Inspirational Women's Award in the field of wildlife photography and filmmaking from the GISR Foundation. She expressed her gratitude to be sharing the stage with other women heroes present at the event. Masala Mixtape 2.0 is going to be presented by Dil Mil & And/AurWe're back with a wide roaster of amazing artists at the biggest South Asian music festival in New York City. Avanti Nagral will be performing at the event and it came as a surprise for her fans and they can't wait to see her on 8th July.

Some content creators can make us move on almost anything and Ruhee Dosani is one such artist who never fails to add energy to our feeds. She recently created some sick moves on evergreen Indian Ad songs that are just wholesome and fun to watch. Jason Arland shared a powerful message with his latest shoot of Dulha: The Modern Bride which is an exploration of what goes in the mind of a young queer boy who dreams of his wedding until the dreams get crushed by grim reality. It's a concept of pain, acceptance and hope.

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