#LetsKetchup: What’s better than going out and trying new cuisines, you ask? Watching influencers post cooking Reels and making our feed look delicious!

Whoever said the way to a human’s heart is through their stomach is a genius! While all of us end up making instant noodles when we feel like snacking, the art and joy of making food is always fascinating. We might not even be a pro at making those noodles but we love watching videos of people preparing them. Once you start scrolling through Reels, observing someone meticulously create scrumptious dishes while carefully following instructions step by step, there’s no going back! No one can deny that watching someone cook is therapeutic! Watching these food influencers cook inspire the little MasterChef hidden in all of us, and even if it’s one time, it’ll make you want to try it out yourself too!

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For all those souls who love food, here’s a list of food influencers who will make you feel like shit about your cooking skills but will soothe your soul!


Ana Maria Zapodeanu

Rosaria Tricarico


The Classy Foodophile

Chef Guntas

Let’s eat with Prachi


Sneha Singh

Your food lab

Ranveer Brar

Hebbar’s Kitchen

Rajshri Food

Pickles and Wine

The Daily Bread

Vidhi Doshi


Which one of these you are gonna try? Let us know in the comments below!

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