#CreatorRewind: GenZ creators who helped us feel cooler in 2022

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#CreatorRewind: GenZ creators who helped us feel cooler in 2022

#LetsKetchup: Sending love to these GenZ creators who ate and left no crumbs this year!

Trends, trends, and trends! We've seen billions of new trends in 2022 and GenZs are responsible for just half of them. On social media, we see a trend these days, and our first instinct is how do people come up with such ideas. Well, GenZ creators have mastered the art of creating trends while being very subtle about it. Especially after the 2-year-long pandemic, all we ever wanted is to watch good content, and our GenZ creators gave us exactly that. Be it a fashion creator or a creator who creates funny content, 2022 has seen it all, and we thank our major contributors for this. From meme references to creating an outfit from scratch, these creators never took a step back. We also saw a new wave of content creation throughout this year and GenZ content creators owning the spotlight. We know for a fact these creators are nowhere close to basic and gave us only main-character vibes. So, here's hoping we see more and more new creators in 2023!

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Check out these creators who channeled their inner main character throughout the year!

Dev Raiyani

Tarini Shah

Agasthya Shah

Vansh Pandya

Divija Bhasin


Sahil Nitin Magar


Taneesha Mirwani

Aryaki Joon

Avanti Nagral


Kareema Barry

Shaina Tanna


Gauri Shetty

Alina Hasan Rizvi

Viraj Desai

Vishnu Kaushal

Khalid Walid

Su Ying Liao

Niharika Nm

Sakshi Shivdasani

Shantanu Dhope

Akash Thapa

Isha Borah

Syed Mohd Hamza

Sahil Mehta

Rhea Gurnani

Vidur Dhar

Raman Sharma

Soham Sharma


Dhruvik Lalwani


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This article is a part of our #LetsKetchup series that sums up the year that was from our perspective! Hope you enjoy reading this series this time of the year!

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