Our favorite influencers are never out of entertaining ideas and this weekend’s creator is proof.

Monday is here again and the blues might be taking over. You must be looking for something short, good, and crisp to watch! And social media has it all and so does this weekend’s creator roundup! Saloni Gaur and Shubham Gaur celebrated their Forbes feature in their own quirky way with their new collaboration. Sakshi Sindwani shared an “oops moment” from her recent ramp walk. She broke her heel at the beginning of her walk.

We all fell in love with the Panchayat series and its hardcore fans are getting used to the Phulera ways. Digital creator, Vishu Kaushal made a parody video of this amazing show. Moving away from your home is a tough thing to do. There can be mixed feelings. The thought of freedom excites you, while the responsibilities are kinda terrifying. Sejal Kumar shared a video where she showed a glimpse of each of these feelings in her “1 min drama” series.

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Did this make your Monday blues disappear?

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