Check out how Indian creator and musician, Vipasha Malhotra’s songs have become one of the best parts of social media.

Social media has its fair share of artists and musicians who are making the most of various platforms. These artists are playing a major role in making us reminisce with their covers of popular songs. Songs that we might’ve forgotten about or parts of a song that we never paid much heed to, these artists know how to charm us as they continue to touch us with their music. It’s not just them bringing back forgotten songs but also giving the audience a different version of popular songs that makes them so lovable. Indian creator, Vipasha Malhotra‘s songs easily become a part of this category.

Vipasha is a creator who can fit into any box of content creation. In the social media world of acoustic singers, Vispasha is making her own mark. While she can make us laugh with her utter hilarious, relatable content she can also leave us musing with her incredible singing talent. The thing that makes her unique among the rest of the creators is the fact that she’s using her talent in ways that the audience never imagined before. From giving popular memes a melodious tune to facing her online trolls while perfectly hitting every note, Vipasha is winning hearts online. We made a list of Vipasha Malhotra’s songs that deserve to be appreciated and cannot be missed out on.

Take a look:

Vipasha’s Hindi version of popular songs

Aurora – Runaway

Ambaraan Nu Paar Karaan – Positions Punjabi Version

Cheap Thrillers – Hindi version, Sasti Masti

Turning popular memes into songs

Dealing with hate and trolls on the internet with her songs

Turning funny instances into her own original songs

Which of the two are you a fan of – Vipasha’s songs or her sketches? Let us know down below.

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