Sharing, Inspiring, and creating, our favorite creators have been a treat to watch on social media. Scroll through this weekend’s roundup for all the updates.

From creating to inspiring, our favorite creators did what they do best in the last few days. We have covered every update in this weekend’s roundup. Shreya Pujari opened the show for Ace fashion designer Archana Kochhar who presented her collection Mauryan, on 31st March, at the Pune Times Fashion Week which is a Times of India initiative. Avneet Kaur shared news about her upcoming project. She has started shooting for her upcoming film “Luv Ki Arrange Marriage” and fans are eager to know more about it. It was also the International Transgender Day of Visibility and Rani KoHEnur took this day to share a heartfelt message that they received from their mother.

Malvika Sitlani in a conversation with Shivani Pau, opened up about her struggles growing up which led her to start her content creation journey. She talked about the stress when her family went through a major financial loss. Talking about sharing stories, Sejal Kumar discussed her profession as a content creator with Shobha Rana for her podcast, “The Journey Within”. Sejal brings up some common misconceptions people have about this career option and talks about it.

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