Creators talk about LGBTQ+ movies/shows characters who inspired them

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LGBTQ+ movies/shows characters

Take a look at these LGBTQ+ movies/shows characters that our digital creators found inspiring to be themselves.

Shows and movies have a huge impact on the way we think and act. They are more like our close friends who we reach out to find comfort when we feel low or sad. One instance that makes everything worthwhile is when we get to see ourselves represented in our favorite shows and movies. Over the years, shows have widened their horizon of a character arc and given each and every character a meaty storyline that makes each character unique in their own way. We have seen many LGBTQA+ representations in various shows. While for many of us there are just characters we love, for others they inspire and depict their own selves. Some of our favorite digital creators talk about how these LGBTQ+ movies/shows' characters inspired them in becoming who they are today.

Take a look:

Trell creator Gaurav Pandey, "The characters that inspired me with their story has to be Natalia De Molina & Greta Fernandez from the movie Elisa & Marcela. It is on Netflix and I would recommend people to watch it."


Gaurav Pandey

Trell creator Shaurya Batra, "RuPaul Andre Charles, famous drag queen. She created her own reality competition show and when I first saw RuPaul’s Drag Race I felt so liberated watching these men wear makeup, wigs, heels and women’s clothing on national television and be who they are unapologetic. Looking at them I knew I had to come out and be as unapologetic about who I am as for them."


Shaurya Batra

Trell creator Prashant Priyadarshani, "There isn’t any particular one. There were many but I was really inspired by Ru Paul and Ricki Martin and how they lived their lives fearlessly."


Prashant Priyadarshani

For social media has also played a major role to be who there are today and owning it with pride online. Social media has helped them be their true self. Talking about online platforms like Trell Prashant said, "Just to think of a safe place to be and being accepted feels so good. Trell has been super appreciative and encouraging since day one and it feels so good that we are looked at as just normal humans and there is no judgment." While Gaurav said, "Trell has encouraged and given LGBTQIA+ Community a  platform to be unapologetic self  on social media." Shaurya added, "Trell celebrates all types of creators. It’s providing an open platform to creators from the community to be a part of the content industry and provide them with the same opportunities that the privileged cis heterosexual creators get."

Khushi Shaikh, "A movie character that I relate to and have resonated with the most was ‘Geeta’ from Laxmii. Geeta, a transgender is adopted by Laxmii who supports her financially to educate her and helps her realize her dream of becoming a doctor. My life’s journey has also been similar - my parents have fully supported me, given me the kind of love and respect I deserve, gave me an education that I am proud of, and made me capable enough to support myself and become a model. It makes me very happy that I have a family that supports me fully in my accepting my identity as a transgender and has also constantly showered me with their love and encouragement."

While talking about the same Khushi talked about how social media, especially Moj has helped be her unapologetic self online. She said, "Moj has given me the unique opportunity to express myself, showcase my talent, and gain visibility. Being on Moj gave me the kind of freedom that I haven’t experienced elsewhere. I thoroughly enjoy creating content on the platform, without inhibitions and interactions with my 4.4 million-strong community."


Khushi Shaikh

Which LGBTQA+ character story did you find inspiring? Tell us in the comments below.

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