Check out how our favourite Digital Creators reacted with their creative videos on Ripped Jeans after the controversy spreads over the internet.

Women, what are doing? Playing with the sankriti, parampara and pratista of our country? Doing things that you want, travelling solo or with your young kids, wearing clothes that you like and feel comfortable in? Have you forgotten it is you who has to safeguard the culture of your society and family? Well, looks like the only people who are trying to safe the Sankar of our country is our ministers.

Amitabh Bachchan Parampara Pratistha Anushasan - MemeFunny

We would never ever question the incident by saying that the minister was actually creepy who decided to scan a travelling mother from top to bottom. He actually took some time to find flaws before going on the stage and making the speech. Although he thought that she might be just a regular housewife without a job, travelling on an aeroplane with her kids, he was surprised that she actually was not and worked in an NGO. No matter what good deed she does, she did wrong by deciding to wear ‘Ripped Jeans.’

Its the 21st century and sadly, women are still judged based on the dress she wears. The fact that people holding important and powerful positions deliver such speeches is even scarier and sad. Digital Creators have a great impact on our lives. They too have a strong platform where they can voice their opinions and share the views with their followers. Some of our creators are always up to talk about issues and they decided to speak about the current Ripped Jeans speech as well.

Check out how Creators reacted:

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