What brings light to social media for you? We asked, and the creators answered!

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This Diwali, check out what brings light on social media for these creators!

The long-standing pun of food, clothes, shelter, and social media has turned out to become more of a reality and less of a joke. Social media has become an important part of our lives, either for the best or the worst. No matter how we think of it, we cannot live a day without visiting and checking up on the digital space. While it's a part of entertainment for us, there are many who have made a career in it. And if there's anyone who knows and realizes the impact that this world has on their lives, it's our digital celebrities aka content creators. With Diwali around the corner, it was only fair for us to check up on them and ask about what brings light on social media for them!

The online space opened a whole new arena for people to choose a life that was not forced on them and instead was something they enjoy. They have the chance to be themselves and creator Sonal Agarwal finds that positive. "One thing that brings light on social media in today's time is the fact that everyone has freedom of speech, everyone can say what's on their mind, be who they want to be and be the star of their life". It was also something creator Agastha Shah agreed on. 'Having creative freedom in a creative space' is something he feels is the light of social media. But for creators like Riya, it's a platform that allows them to connect with new people. "Meeting and bonding with other creators. I actually met my friend through social media, so I think that is the best part about it."

Creators are a part of a system that comes with its own ups and downs. They enjoy the luxury of being known online but also acknowledge the bad part of it. Unlike movies where the audiences get less of a chance to interact with the people on screen, comments and DMs make it easier for the audience to share opinions with a creator on the spot. And not all of them may be positive. Renil Abraham said, "I have been struggling with this for a long time and I also know all of you guys have been because there are so many unsolicited messages and comments. I know blocking, reporting and all of that sounds scary but the fact that you have the option to do it is. And the fact that you can block that account and every other account they create, for me that is what's bringing light on social media. It's much needed." For Chandmimic, it was all about being genuine. She added, "The one thing has to be, genuine log. I think jyada fake banne ki khoshish karte hai toh vo light nikal jati hai. Toh please be genuine, aapko kisiko copy karne ki zarurat nahi hai"

To understand how they manage to live their lives in the virtual world, we asked them how they look at things. And they surely had something to share!

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Here's what our creators shared:

Let us know what your thoughts are on the same.

Happy Diwali!

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