Creators show off their master stroke as they collaborate with the God himself as a part of #50forSachin

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Meta India organised #50forSachin to celebrate Sachin Tendulkar's birthday and Indian creators joined to make the most of it!

April 24 is always a celebration for India as a whole because it's when the God of cricket, Sachin Tendulkar was born. A legend who has inspired young minds for decades now, every Indian hopes to meet him at least once in their lifetime and share stories of their own about how they felt while watching him play for the country, his iconic square cut or when he raised his bat in the air after hitting a century. There's a lot that one would love to do when they meet Sachin himself and getting to bowl for him is definitely up there on the list. And guess who was lucky enough to live this dream? Our beloved content creators! Meta India invited some content creators as a part of their #50forSachin celebration and gave them the opportunity to meet this legend.

Viraj Ghelani who also happens to celebrate his birthday on April 24 was a part of the long list of creators who collaborated with the cricketer for a video. We saw Sachin Tendulkar creating content with a lot of well-known creators like RJ Karishma, Barkha Singh, Karan Sonawane, and Neel Salekar to name a few. Creator and musician, Yashraj Mukhate who is known for his bangers went one step ahead and made a song on the occasion of Sachin’s 50th birthday. Making Sachin contribute to the song himself, the groovy track surely has added meaning to our love for the legend and positivity on our feeds. When Karan Sonawane pulled out a mirror because his dad asked him to show Sachin what God looks like, we all teared up a bit. It felt like they were living every Indian's dream to meet with the legend and share stories. Just like most of us, these creators too were star-struck when they met Sachin in person and shared the same on their feeds.

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These posts will leave to a tad bit jealous and that's our guarantee!

Happy birthday, Sachin! Thank you for always being an inspiration!

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