In the last couple of days, Creators and Netizens have turned into Social Media Warriors using their influence for Covid-19 relief resources. Apart from sharing useful information, they are also sharing their content to lighten up everyone’s mood. Here’s a roundup of weekend Creator posts that had us hooked.

Everything is stressful and worrying around with the ever-increasing health condition of the nation. With close ones battling health crises, a lot of people are trying their best to help as many as possible. While the mood of the nation is to help and overcome the current health crises, the need of the hour is also to curate content that can help in easing the pain and anxiety that we get. Trust us when we say, Covid anxiety is a legit concern. All people need is a way to find more hope and positivity so they can continue to be power-through and be less anxious during these trying times. One thing that we all need is something positive to watch online. While there are several creators who came forward and used their influence to help people in need, there are some who do their bit by also sharing their funny, light-hearted content to lighten up the mood. They have been sharing such posts even during the weekend and we decided to make a roundup of them. So, check out the weekend roundup of Creators sharing content.

Check out these Creator posts:

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