Our favrite creators had a bunch of good posts to share online over the weekend. We made a roundup of those so youre updated with everything that happened over the weekend.

It was a fruitful weekend for most of us and also our very own digital celebrities. Ankush Bahuguna uploaded his new vlog while giving us a BTS of his upcoming work that we can’t wait to watch. Jake Sitlani made heads turn with his saree-clad avatar and Saloni Gaur shared a funny relatable take on sibling night outs with her brother, Shubham. Our creators have been keeping busy while they make plans about new ways to entertain us. While some had exciting news to share, others made different kinds of content to make our feeds a happy place. There are so many creators on digital platforms today that it’s easy to miss out on important updates too. We made a list of these weekend posts that we just couldn’t let you miss.

Check it out!

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