Check out all that our favourite creators and influencers have been up to with their Instagram weekend posts.

It’s not alien to us that we all have been living our outside-the-home-life vicariously through social media. With memories from the past year during this date popping up on our timelines, we miss being outside more and more. And while our travel plans need more time to become a reality, influencers and creators are showing us how to make the most of the inside-life. Their weekend posts and updates are sure to inspire you to find new ways of keeping yourself busy and entertained.

Check out these weekend posts by your favourite Creators:

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this story is so special to me.

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Constant cuddle bunny

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WHY AREN’T YOU GIVING ME YOUR ATTENTION? 😭 WHY ARE YOU FORCING ME TO PLAY THIS EXHAUSTIVE GAME TO WOO YOU? 🙄 Hold your horses, it’s not what you think but you know how much social media manipulates attention spans and peddles misinformation for profits? You know how time consuming posting and promoting stuff on social media is? You care to learn and stay updated about Climate Change? If your answer to these questions is YES, I’m wondering, why do you want me to spend ridiculous amounts of time trying to beat the algorithm, stay on top of your newsfeeds and post updates here so the articles will get maximum eyes? Why exactly haven’t you subscribed to my newsletter yet? 🤔 I know email is sacred space but I’m not trying to sell you something for profit or manipulate you for personal gains. I just want to send you information on climate change, that is already made palatable for easy consumption. Why then must I invest ridiculous amounts of time in getting it to you? I am specifically talking to those of you who are interested and concerned about climate change already. So you see, if you simply subscribe to get email updates, I can focus on producing work and not promoting it. And you can then read, stay informed and maybe even share the work. Win win for everyone! Also, what if tomorrow my account here gets suspended because I’m being increasingly critical of Facebook? Bottom line is, go SUBSCRIBE and reduce my work load, please! (You can choose paid or free subscription, the newsletter will be free-to-read for all anyway) LINK IN BIO. (Oh I just got my laptop back, it’s a temporary fix but I can get back to work. New issue of Climate Matters in the works, just subscribe already!)

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