From sharing Bappa’s blessing to celebrating Ronaldo’s goal, keep browsing to see what your favorite creators were upto.

Most of us welcomed Bappa into our houses on Friday rejoicing and celebrating his visit. Everyone we know has been gathering for daily aartis and getting their hands on as many modaks as possible. Our digital celebrities spent the weekend welcoming Lord Ganesha into their homes and shared their joy with their followers. With elaborate and beautiful decor and easy, quick, and traditional looks, these creators have been filling our Instagram with the festive spirit. But it was not the only thing that they’ve shared with us. Karan Sonawane celebrated Manchester United’s goal by Ronaldo on Saturday while Sharan Nair had an interesting encounter in Russia that he shared via his mini vlog on how a Russian street artist scammed his friends for money after taking pictures. Nagma also has surprising news for her followers as she announced the title of her next music video.

We made a list of what these creators were upto over the weekend! Check it out!

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi everyone!

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