From sharing artistic posts to jumping on trends, here's our creators' weekly update

Smrithi Mohan
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creators' weekly update

Not missing out on last week's fun, here's our creators' weekly update to keep you in check with everything happening in our digital celebrities' lives.

What you really need to get through Monday is to take breaks to deal with all the work deadlines. And if there's anything that's a reminder to take a break is our digital creators and their amazing Instagram content. Despite being creative and sharing their ideas with their audience, these creators realize how people are interested in knowing about the small updates in their life. Like every other week, this week we have made a list of things our digital celebrities have been up to. So, to know all the exciting things that happened over the weekend scroll through this creator's weekly update.

Masoom Minawala who became the first Indian creator to walk the Milan Fashion week shared another episode of her BTS journey through the Parisian alleys, Tann who has been mesmerizing us with his artistic makeup looks finally graduated from a Thailand university and comedian and digital creator Shraddha opened another standup show called Bonda Soup.

Check it out!

Let us know if we missed out on any fun in the comments below. Have a great week ahead!

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