5 brand collaboration that is a flawless testament to Aashna Hegde’s personality

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Aashna Hegde

Step into Aashna Hegde's world of content creation with her most notable brand collaborations that align perfectly with her persona. 

Aashna Hegde, the go-to style guru for all things fashion and lifestyle on social media, has this amazing knack for making everything more interesting. Whether she is flaunting a glamorous outfit or recreating a famous celeb look, her content always piques everyone's curiosity. Aashna keeps it real and relatable, which is probably why her followers can't get enough of her. This characteristic of hers makes for a good marketable element that brands have realized while collaborating with her. The creator's incredible talent to blend her unique vibe with whatever brand she's working with, makes those products feel like an essential part of her everyday life.

Whether she is collaborating with a high-end fashion label or a niche lifestyle brand, Aashna effortlessly merges her style with the brand's identity, resulting in content that feels authentic and engaging. She infuses her infectious enthusiasm and authentic personality into every partnership. When Aashna's involved, you know you're in for a treat – Yeah, she's just that good. 

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On her birthday today, here are some of our absolute favorite brand collaborations!

L'Oréal Paris X Aashna Hegde 

Her teamed up with L'Oréal Paris brought beauty and flair making this collaboration impactful in its own way

Maybelline X Archies

Maybelline and Archies teamed up gave Aashna the chance to recreate iconic film looks highlighting her filmy, Bollywood girl side.

Barbie X Aldo X Aashna Hegde 

Even following the trend like everyone else, Aashna stood out with her content and ideas

MAC Cosmetic X Aashna Hegde 

MAC Cosmetics and Aashna Hegde teamed up, adding a splash of fierce and fabulous to the makeup scene

Dove India X Aashna Hegde

Using her chance to empower people with diverse hair types she shared authentic stories while talking about fostering self-confidence and embracing natural beauty.

Happy Birthday Aashna!

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