13 content creators share their take on Animal while we debate over whether it's a cinematic triumph or social controversy

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While the Ranbir Kapoor starrer "Animal" finds itself shrouded in debates for its misogyny and excessive violence, content creators took social media to share their opinions via their content.

The recently released Animal featuring Ranbir Kapoor has sparked diverse opinions among audiences, despite its remarkable box office success. While the film has garnered substantial revenue, it has also faced criticism for its misogynistic and excessively violent content. Violence in films has been justified as it being a part of the plot for a reason. In the case of Animal, it feels as if it's there to cater to an audience that prioritizes extravagance over essence. 

The divisive nature of the reviews highlights a broader debate about the responsibility of films in their portrayal of such themes. Some argue for the separation of cinema as a form of entertainment and others were mesmerized by how well it is made. Creators who have become part representatives of the audience did not stay behind to share their opinions about the film. They took to social media to delve into its themes, performances, and societal implications using skits, spoofs, personal reviews and funny monologues. These creators have managed to imagine the film's narratives in real life implying how they might feel toxic and sometimes, extremely dumb.

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Here are a few that caught our attention!

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