7 parody videos that Ashish Chanchlani made interesting with his humor!

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Ashish Chanchlani has carved a niche for himself with his relatable humor. On his birthday, we're taking a look at some of his unforgettable parody videos.

It feels like yesterday when we were in school and Ashish Chanchlani's school-life-inspired comedy videos were the most relatable thing on the internet. Just like many other creators, Ashish has always tried experimenting with his comedy. From shooting low-budget videos on his phone to making a spoof of a popular show that looks like a replica, Ashish has grown as a creator. Recently, he made a spoof on Shark Tank India which had his audience in splits. This video didn't take long to become a fan favorite. With his unique blend of humor, impeccable timing, and relatable scenarios, Ashish has made these videos more entertaining than the original show itself, and his Bigg Boss-inspired parody video is proof of that. It's more common than ever to spot some well-known creators in film promotions and all of them add their touch to the content to make it better. When Ashish does it, we can't help but find ourselves loving them even more. 

Taking references from films and shows and creating something with it that the masses can find relatable and funny is not the easiest thing to do. But his ability to seamlessly integrate popular film references into everyday situations resonates with a wide audience and we can't think of a more entertaining way to look at films. Not only that, he takes inspiration from everything popular around us. Ashish’s infectious energy and charismatic persona make his videos a go-to source for laughter. 

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Check out some of our favorite parody videos!

We watched him hilariously present the drama, games, and over-the-top chaos of Bigg Boss in these videos.

Throwback to the time when Ashish Chanchlani made us laugh by bringing some absurd pitches on Shark Tank India!  Watch him hilariously imitate famous judges, adding a dash of comedy to the entrepreneurial stage.

It was a laughter-packed adventure when he brought the PUBG mobile to life. The way he reimagines the game's chaos, epic battles, and quirky moments with his signature comedic touch makes the video extremely special.

Revisiting the time when Ashish Chanchlani and team delivered a sidesplitting parody of the iconic film "3 Idiots"! Watch as they put their hilarious twists on classic moments from the film.

Ashish Chanchlani, collaborated with Rajkummar Rao, Janhvi Kapoor, and Varun Sharma for the promotion of the film Roohi. The video gives us a blend of spookiness with sidesplitting comedy, delivering a rib-tickling take on the supernatural.

We joined the mischief with Ashish Chanchlani and the cast of Fukrey as they hilariously recreated all the classroom shenanigans in this video.

Happy Birthday Ashish! Hope you continue to entertain us all with your brilliant sense of humor!

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