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In a conversation with us, Fashion content creator, Bhumika Thakkar shared her experience of using Pinterest and discussed its potential for fashion creators

Pinterest is a platform that people typically use to get creative inspiration, whether it's for fashion trends, home decor ideas, recipes, or DIY projects. One can create and categorize boards with their favorite pins, that can be revisited and implemented. Personally, I have always turned to Pinterest for fashion inspiration, and it has rarely disappointed me because I find what I'm looking for with just a few taps. This is also due to the creators on the platform who post stunning boards on the latest trends, must-have accessories, and innovative style hacks, and more. If anything these boards feel like having a personal stylist by your side.

Finding inspiration as a user on the platform is fairly easy, but what it is like for a fashion creator posting on Pinterest? How do they plan and post their content on this particular platform? How is it different from other platforms, and how do they come up with a strategy? We get answers to these questions from fashion content creator Bhumika Thakkar, who has been posting content on Pinterest for more than four years. In a conversation with us, she highlights the platform's potential for fashion creators and shares the strategies she has learned along the way.

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Here is what she had to share: 

How do you utilize Pinterest as a fashion content creator? 

I love searching Pinterest for inspiration and checking out what's trending right now. Sometimes I even look for cool color combos to try out in my outfits. Pinterest is like my go-to spot for finding new ideas and keeping my style fresh.

Can you share some specific ways Pinterest has helped you drive engagement? 

Even though I've been using Pinterest for a long time, I've really gotten into posting and using it more actively for over four years now. During this period, I've found myself not only browsing but also actively posting and utilizing its features more frequently. One thing I find cool is that you can link your Instagram page or blog to your pins. This means more people can discover your other platforms too. Plus, being on Pinterest is a great way to catch the eye of a whole new audience.

What strategies do you employ to maximize engagement with your fashion content on Pinterest?

When I'm on Pinterest, I pay attention to using keywords, catchy titles, and SEO techniques to make sure my pins get noticed. When I upload a pin, I explore the different categories and choose the best keywords to help it show up in searches. It's like giving my pins a little extra push to stand out and attract more eyes. This way, my content gets more exposure, and I can connect with a wider audience. 

Have you noticed any particular types of content or trends that perform well on Pinterest?

Sure, I focus a lot on easy makeup looks and skincare content on Pinterest. I also share plenty of K-beauty and K-fashion centric content. There is a clear interest and appreciation for this kind of content on the platform, which motivates me to continue curating and sharing it.

How do you leverage Pinterest analytics to understand your audience and tailor your content accordingly?

I make it a habit to check out the analytics on Pinterest to see what's getting a lot of attention and what's not. If I see that some pins are getting a ton of likes, saves, and clicks, I take note. Then, I try to create more content similar to those popular pins. It's like giving people more of what they enjoy seeing, which helps to keep them interested and engaged with my content. This way, I can keep growing and improving my presence on Pinterest.

How do you stay updated on Pinterest's algorithm changes and adapt your strategy accordingly?

Lately, Pinterest introduced 'Idea Pins,' a format that combines both pictures and videos, allowing creators to share up to 20 pieces of content in one pin. It's a big deal because Pinterest is really promoting Idea Pins, so I'm putting more emphasis on creating and sharing them. Every social media platform has its own priorities, and right now, Pinterest is all about Idea Pins. So, I'm adjusting my focus accordingly and diving into creating more of this engaging content.

Can you provide any advice for aspiring fashion creators looking to utilize Pinterest effectively?

I suggest focusing on creating more Idea Pins, as Pinterest is really pushing this format right now. Additionally, it's a good idea to keep an eye on the current most searched trends and create content around those topics. When uploading Idea Pins, make sure to use the right titles and keywords to maximize their visibility and reach on the platform. This way, you can attract more attention to your content and effectively engage with your audience on Pinterest.

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