5 Bhuvan Bam characters who would be great additions to our friends group

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Bhuvan Bam’s characters

It's never too late to find a friend in someone you meet which is why we know these Bhuvan Bam characters will make for that friend we need at some point in our lives.

Not everyone gets to be in showbiz and excel at it but a few that do become successful and give hope to millions by being role models they can look up to. Bhuvan Bam has managed to become that for many budding creators. A songwriter, comedian and writer, Bhuvan Bam is an Indian YouTuber who muddled through his passion to become a singer and went on to have a cult following for the stories he has to share. Despite the explicit nature of his dialogues, people from every generation found themselves quoting them in their daily conversations. From being a restaurant singer to one of the most popular creators in India, Bhuvan has come a long way. 

If there is one thing that his 26.4 million subscribers on YouTube love is watching his videos that depict a whimsical conversation between him and his friends. Although that laid the foundation for what he has become today, Bhuvan became a part of incredible stories that could grip the audience. And each of his characters feel like someone we could relate to or would love to be close to. 

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You might find a friend in these characters

Banchoddas “Bancho” Chhatriwala

He is the friend who do some jugaad if you ever get stuck in a bad situation, that may or may not be your fault. Anything but your love life.

Titu Mama - Takeshi's Castle

The perfect person to narrate your life to you, especially since none of us have any idea ablut what is happening!

Vasant Gawde - Taaza Khabar

As someone who aspires to do something extraordinary in life, Vasant will push you to fight for your dreams. You can also use his gifts to predict something important in your life, like if confessing your love to your crush would work.

Karan - Rafta Rafta

He's that chill office colleague turned best friend who will take care of your needs without even asking. Also he would make for the best roommate!

'Baba' Harbhajan Singh - Plus Minus

He's who you need to go to for looking at your life from a new perspective, and also if you like long meaningful conversations.

Happy Birthday, BB! Wish we could be friends too!

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