Content Creator Harshita Gupta ventures to become an entrepreneur with her clothing line - ‘Chikankari Hues’

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Chikankari Hues

The brand promises to breathe new life into traditional Chikankari embroidery with never-seen-before designs and styles, making Chikankari a chic statement for the woman of today.

Social media star, content creator Harshita Gupta, is on a mission to make every stride a style statement with the launch of her label ‘Chikankari Hues’ in collaboration with her husband, Shrey Chhabra. Launched today ‘Chikankari Hues’ confirms a modern makeover to the traditional Mughal-era embroidery style from Lucknow, unveiling unique styles. The label has launched in forty-plus styles and is available in various colours promising to entice women of all age groups. 

Speaking about her newly launched venture, Harshita Gupta, Founder of ‘Chikankari Hues’, said, “There are two solid reasons why I founded the label: One is purely for my undying love for Chikankari, since my roots belong to Lucknow. Fun fact - my husband and I wore an ensemble with Chikankari on our wedding day, so the craft certainly holds a special spot in our hearts. Secondly, to create a one-stop destination where true connoisseurs of Chikankari can make a purchase, as the label is experimenting with the craft like never before, keeping master craftsmen busy at work and ensuring the continuation of this rich legacy (supposedly dating back to Nur Jahan) in-lieu of justifiable wages for the beautiful work that they create.”

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Born in Lucknow, Harshita began her career as an RJ at an established radio station. After the advent of digital media, she found solace in content creation, which eventually became a full-time career. Today, Harshita has garnered millions of followers across social media platforms. In 2023, she was featured in the Forbes List of Top 100 Digital Stars of India.

Chikankari has become an integral part of India's heritage introduced by the Persian and Turkish rulers. However, the Nawabs of Awadh became the patrons of the craft, and today the embroidery has achieved a Geographical Indication (GI) tag, making it a globally renowned textile craft.

All the products from ‘Chikankari Hues’ are now available on the website

(click here), along with an Instagram page Chikankari Hues 

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