#CreatorRewind: 2023 becomes a year of unforgettable creator and brand collaborations

Piyush Singh
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Creators and brands joined forces to give us some of the most unexpected and unforgettable collaborations this year. Let's take a look back at some creator and brand collaborations that defined 2023.

Influencer marketing is totally blowing up right now! Big brands are teaming up with social media creators, and putting out creator and brand collaborations that are just next-level awesome. It's like brands found the cheat code to connect with us through these influencers we love following. Vistara pulled off something epic recently by teaming up with creators for the Archies film promotion! With their special Archies retro themed flight experience to Riverdale, they sprinkled some extra excitement on the whole movie experience. 

And we can't ever forget how brands jumped on the hype train for The Barbie movie! For at least a month, our feeds were flooded with Barbie inspired content. From our favorite influencers rocking Barbie-inspired styles or casually integrating Barbie stuff into their everyday content, it wasn't just about promoting the movie, it was like brands and creators became part of The Barbie's world. From ICC collaborating with content creators during the Cricket World Cup to seeing some familiar faces on billboards for Freakins, 2023 was surely full of such amazing brand collaborations. While we know for sure that 2024 will also have some amazing stuff in store for us, cool brand collaborations of 2023 also deserve a look back. 

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Here are some brand collaborations that deserve a lookback!

Vistara’s collaboration with creators for Archie’s promotion 

Beer Biceps X Mountain Dew India

ICC collaborated with content creators during the World Cup 2023

Benefit Cosmetics India X Myna Mahila Foundation 

Nirma X Shehnaz Gill

Freakins launched a size inclusive collection with Prableen Kaur Bhomrah

Creators X Freakins India 

Shreya Pujari X Cadbury India 

Sai Godbole X Cadbury India 

Maleesha Kharwa X Forest Essentials 

National Geographic X Dolly Singh 

Fossil X Star Wars X Creators 

Dolly Singh X Lays

Rigi X MS Dhoni X Creators 

Prega News X Sakshi Sindwani 

What was your favourite collaboration of the year? Tell in the comments below!

This article is a part of our #LetsKetchup series that sums up the year from our perspective! Hope you enjoy reading this series this time of the year!

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