From creators’ manifestations coming alive to them at big events, we bring you a fun creator roundup

Eden Cardoz
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Be it Larissa’s Nat Geo debut or creators' big milestone collabs, this creator roundup is filled with everything exciting from the creator world.

The past week was indeed one for the books since various creators had huge moments that will go down in history for them. Our favorite travel creator Larissa D’sa hit a major milestone as she announced doing a travel show with National Geographic. Talking about making it to big screens, creators Saurabh and Karan were at the premiere of their movie ‘Blackout’ which was released last week. Both of them looked rather overwhelmed and emotional over the support and response that they received from the audience and family for their movie. The Delhi Times Fashion Week saw a glowing lineup of creators that walked the ramp featuring Ella D’ Verma, Shivam Bhardwaj, Sanat Chadha, and more. Content creators Dhiraj and Sakshi were recently seen in fun collab videos for Rentmojo, a furniture rental app while Malvika Sitlani shared a fun interaction with Deepika Padukone at the new product launch of 82e. We love these moments for creators and always look forward to more!

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Take a look at what else happened over this past week: 

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