From unexpected collaborations to creators starring in ads, this roundup is one for the books

Eden Cardoz
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Creator roundup 24 june 2024

Creators receiving the Jagran Influencer/Creator Award to Sakshi’s epic collaboration with chef Gary Mehigan, here is an exciting creator roundup we did not see coming  

The last week looked rather exciting for various creators as they celebrated being part of big moments and collaborations. You know there are moments when you look at a video and wonder, “That’s a collaboration I did not see coming”. Well, creator Srishti Garg who is known for her hilarious rant videos was seen last week in an exciting collaboration with Vidya Balan. The collaboration which was in association with Disney+ Hotstar to promote Balan's new film 'DoaurDoPyaar' was an interesting take on how Genz and Millenials learn and unlearn relationships. Joining the list of creator collaborations we saw creator Sharanya do a hilarious reel collaboration with the entire cast of Kota Factory, she marks it as a milestone moment for her creator journey as she recalls how the sketches that she would film in her room have now gone to the sets with Netflix, truly a wholesome moment. We saw another awesome collaboration between creator Sakshi Sindwani and Australian chef Gary Mehigan as they gave us something to learn about with their wholesome reminders to love our body and the food we intake. There was also an epic creator lineup in collaboration with the new Monsoon collection of Crocs India, from creators like Ruhee  Dosani, the Quick Style Boys, and many more creators. What an epic week it looked like for content creators.   

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Take a look at what else happened this past week for creators :

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