From first billboard moments to engagements and posters, this creator roundup has all the deets!

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Karan Sonawane's first Marathi film to creators being featured on the billboard, this creator roundup covers all the deets from the past week. 

The past week looked like an exciting event of opportunities and milestones where we saw various celebrations and achievements accomplished by creators. Content creator Saurabh Ghadge shared a few glimpses of his first meet and greet that he had at Pret, the event seemed so heartwarming as Saurabh was seen interacting with his fans. At the meetup, he also announced the launch of his new collection with Freakins. Viraj Ghelani's Gujarati film 'Jhamkudi' was released last week and he shared moments from his first premiere as well as various surprise theatre visits. Manav Chhabra was spotted in London over the weekend as he attended the Champions League finals with Heineken India, he looked rather ecstatic as he celebrated moments from the epic display with fans during the match and also had the opportunity to witness the presence of various iconic footballers.

Our favorite Focused Indian, Karan Sonawane shared a poster of his first Marathi film. As the IWMBuzz events were held over the weekend, we saw creators like Mostlysane, Dharnaa, Khushal Pawar, and more creators in attendance. Some of them also bagged a few awards for their excellence in their content creation journey.                 

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Take a look at what else happened over the weekend!

Hope you enjoyed these updates! See you next week!

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