Content creators weigh in on the latest Instagram updates and it's influence on the creator economy

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Instagram's new features

We asked content creators a few questions about Instagram's new updates and how they benefit the creator economy and here's what they had to say

Content creators and influencers significantly impact the discourse around Instagram's updates. Their perspectives offer insights into the leading success of these features, serving as a deciding factor for their relevance and potential benefits. Whether it is in terms of a whole new layout to story features, or even if it's understanding the threads web layout, Instagram's subscription feature, and more, creators do play a big role in shaping the conversation around these new updates.

Just last week, Instagram began rolling out its new updates that will enable businesses and creators to benefit equally from these opportunities. Each new update that is being tested promises to captivate audiences, foster engagement, and also empower content creators and businesses. Speaking to content creators Haania Manzar, Alina Rizvi, Pranjali Singh, Sina, and Hitika Sachdev helped us delve into their perspectives on understanding how these features might benefit the creator economy. 

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As a creator economy, it is essential to understand how these changes will shape plans and strategies for how one should create content. When asked how they plan to adjust their content strategy in regards to these new features, Alina Rizvi mentions, "With maintaining the algorithm being essential to increase visibility, I plan on posting more often and trying out different types of content. This will not only cater to my existing audience but also help me reach new accounts." Haania Manzar on the other hand aims to continue concentrating more on producing unique content that will represent accurately her style of content and message. 

As creators, it becomes important to consider even the minute changes that social media platforms bring as it's a source for their growth, engagement, and a pathway to a large audience. It was only fair to understand content creators' perspective on whether the new feature that prioritizes original content affects their profile engagement in any way. Pranjali Singh affirms that she has always had good profile engagement because she continues to produce content favoured by her audience and followers and remains optimistic about how these new features would help her with her future ideas and content. Hitika Sachdev believes that it will definitely give her the upper hand with her reach. Sina mentions, "Interestingly, I’ve seen a mix of results. Some posts have done much better, while others haven’t changed much. It’s a learning curve, but I’m adapting my strategy based on these insights." 

Instagram is a large platform that offers endless opportunities for modes of engagement, reach, and income for creators. That includes collaborations that would allow creators and businesses to hold equal opportunities in shaping growth for their profiles. Pranjali Singh welcomed these changes and aims to focus more on the creative storytelling type of collaborations as these types of content will help both creators to create engaging and original content which will benefit both parties regarding the new features.

As creators continue to embrace these new features, we inquired about the additional features or changes they would want on Instagram that support creator growth, Haania Manzar and Sina both mentioned the need for more detailed and comprehensive analytics that will help them create better-refined content strategies that will help them more effectively in catering and understanding their audience. Alina mentions, "In totality, I love most of the updates Instagram has come up with and I’m satisfied with the same, that being said I can’t wait to see what more Instagram has to offer!" While Pranjali would love more robust collaboration tools, Hitika would like more interactive features that can help her build a personal relationship with her followers.


With these new features in place do you think they will benefit you in standing out on Instagram too? Do tell us in the comments below.

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