From Zakir Khan's 12 years as a comedian to Sai Godbole's Rap, this creator's roundup covers it all.

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Creator's roundup

We came across several joyous updates this weekend. Scroll through the creator's roundup to know everything.

Zakir Khan completed 12 years as a comedian and he celebrated it by sharing a Reel compiling the most memorable moments of his journey. From his first comedy performance in 2011 to making history at the Royal Albert Hall, the video acknowledges his achievements so far. Released on December 6th, the Hindi version of Addis Akkara's 'From to', featuring Rida Tharana, captivated the audience earning a well-deserved spot on everyone's playlists. People have been eagerly waiting for Spotify Wrapped and despite different preferences, some songs were loved and listened to on repeat. Sai Godbole collaborated with Spotify India and crafted a rhythmic ode to the year's most cherished tunes. 

The audience had the chance to watch Niharika NM and Vijay Varma interact over fashion and styling in the upcoming episode of Amazon Fashion Up season 3. Last week was also about joyous moments, from Mukti Mohan exchanging vows with Kunal Thakur to Vrushika Mehta and Saurabh Ghedia celebrating a grand wedding, online fans got to see a glimpse of both on social media. Adding to the happiness, Pranit Shilimkar and Mihira Joshi Shilimkar welcomed their baby.

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Here is everything that you need to know:

We hope this week continues to be equally joyous for you!

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