From first ramp walks to film debuts, you can't miss this week's creator news roundup

Eden Cardoz
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With various creators owning the red carpet at Cannes and others making their first film debuts and more. Take a look at everything on this creators' week roundup.

A series of exciting events occurred over the last week for content creators we know and love. Beyounick announces his comeback to YouTube with a collaboration video with Twarita, Vrushali, and Diyva. Sejal Kumar spent her day with ‘Teach for India’ with their initiative towards educational equity in India, sharing classrooms with kids while dancing and having fun with them. Taking on the world of brand collaborations, the White-Haired Guy aka John Rai was seen carrying the Crocs collection with his unique style in a recent collaboration with Crocs India. Aastha Shah looked rather overjoyed and ecstatic as she celebrated her 1 million milestone of followers on Instagram at Cannes. It’s also an exciting season for the OJG as their group mates, Karan Sonawane and Saurabh Gadge announce their debut movie Black Out with a teaser and poster that is set to be released 7th of June next month.

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Take a look at what else happened over the last week for these creators;

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